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            Helikx Trust, was founded in the year 2001 by the family members of Mr.G.Senthikumar, with its principal office at 128/176C, Vedigounder Colony, Thiruvagoundanoor Bye Pass, Salem, India. This Trust runs a Model School meant exclusively for the welfare of children with specific learning disabilities. Helikx Open School provides remedial programmes tailored made to suit the specific needs of children with different degrees and varieties of learning disabilities such as ADHD & ADD. Situated in a calm environment, the school makes use of technology extensively and it has in house hi-tech robotics lab, innovation lab and digital library.

            Statistics would roughly estimate not less than 10% of the population in our country is suffering from one or more varieties of learning disabilities. A very popular variety of learning disability widely known to people is Dyslexia. It would not be out of place to mention that several leading personalities and celebrities have mustered courage and confessed in the open that they have learning disabilities.

            Mr.Senthilkumar is the Managing Trustee. He is ably assisted by his wife Mrs.Devipriya. While Mr.G.Senthikumar, a Master of Social Work, his wife Mrs.S.Devipriya, is a M.Phil in Psychology. He is a Rehabilitation Social Worker certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India. Mrs.Devipriya is the coordinator for the Model School as per requirements of National Institute of open Schooling [NIOS] established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Human Resources Development. Mr.Senthilkumar is in the verge of completing his doctoral thesis in Bharathiyar University on the need for school social workers in school setting. Both of them have developed proprietary content for Specific Learning Disabilities and Teacher Training Manuals. Both of them have dedicated their life by a Model School for children with learning disabilities.

            Mr.Senthilkumar and Mrs.Devipriya borrow the words of Robert Frost and say "miles to go before we sleep". Their motto is to integrate children with multiple disabilities to the main school stream. Being children with different types of and different degrees of specific learning disability, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the children are looked after thoroughly and every aspect of their stay and learning are taken care.

            Helikx Trust has established its Model School of 20,000 Sq.ft of building with facilities for occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological assessment center, counseling center, integrated rehabilitation center with specially built class rooms and hostel facilities for meeting the special needs of such children.

            In view of shortage of qualified and trained educators and counselors in this field, the pay and perquisites offered to the few available are very high, though not very high as compared teachers in international schools. The Trust ensures that the teachers and counselors are sufficiently trained and motivated.

            Helikx Trust is proud to say that their Model School is an accredited center of the NIOS. More than 600 children have passed out from this school. The school conducts several certificate programs for teachers and parents and remedial programs for children among with drawing, animation, arts and craft bamboo products, electrical and plumbing activities, dance and drama, farming activity are some of the vocational support activities provided by this school.

            One of the special features of this Model School is the tie up with Dr.Velu Saravanan for imparting drama therapy and the tie up with Dr.Nammalvar's Trust Vaanagam for imparting knowledge and skill sets on nature, agriculture and farming. The Model School has also tied with Think Lab, an initiative of IIT Mumbai for imparting robotics to these children to make it possible for them to understand mathematical concepts and physics.

            Helikx must have to set up a research facility to carry our advanced research based on feedback obtained daily from the children who are under their care so as serve better to the future generation. They estimate a requirement of Rs.50 Lakhs in the current financial year 2013-14 for completing their Salem project with full fledged labs for occupation therapy and an improved mathematics and also for setting up a research centre.

            The average cost per child is presently around Rs.1,35,000/- which includes school fee, stay and food charges. The Model School can cater to a maximum of 100 children. Parents of those children who come from poor background are not able to bear the cost. On an average not less than 50% of the children who approach the school are from families with poor economic status. Such children need full or partial financial assistance. Towards this account not less than Rs.25 Lakhs is necessary per annum to make ends meet.

            Therefore Helikx Trust invites philanthropists and Corporate Heads to visit the Model School run by this Trust at Salem and spend a few minutes with the children staying and studying there to see how creative and talented the children are and how difficult it is to keep and maintain them, make them learn and hone up their skills.

            Helikx Trust invites philanthropic people, social activists, and Corporate Heads to visit this Model School and contribute liberally for strengthening its hands. It goes without saying that donations to Helikx Trust are entitled to exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and in this process every donor would have made his own foot print in servicing mankind.

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