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Helikx traces its orgin to the Helikx trust, the activities of which spring around to imparting academic skills to students, in particularly to those children with specific learning disabilities. It is the first school in the district of Salem which caters education and tracing for more than a decade of experience in dealing, children with learning difficulties, slow learners and ADHD students. These children may find very difficult to read, write, spell and in math, when compare to children of the same age group. Applying remedial teaching based on learning needs and potential of different students, with the team of trained teachers, psychologist, social works and with unique methodologies.


Darkness to Light - Knowledge is the Path for Thoughts and Imagination.

At Helikx School, we aim to facilitate the assimilation, dissemination and generation of knowledge. We strive to provide the environment to our students that boosts the exploration of new ideas and methods of processing on these ideas practically.

We aim to train all our students, to free themselves from dogma, preconception and ideology to become independent thinkers. We provide a non-judicial, unbiased environment to develop a student's analytical, problem solving skills. We strive to shape students to become conscious of their opinions, judgements, reflective of their actions and aware of their place in the social , natural world.

Our Team






Joint Secretary



Managing Director Sri Gokulam Hospital, Salem



Board of Directors, Karur Vysa Bank, Chennai



Managing Partner, KSR & CO Company Secretaries


Mrs.Usha Ramakrisnan

Chairperson, Vidyasagar Chennai



Former HOD Social Work PSG College Coimbatore

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If it were not for you I would not see my son enjoying this much. He enjoys all the activities and enjoys studies. What a turn around in his behavior.
--Mrs.Kanchana Housewife, Coimbatore.

Thank you
Now my daughter is able to read and identify shapes. She has even increased her memory.
--Mrs.Charles Housewife, Erode.

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